Performing arts, mental health and popular culture

L’Altre Festival is an international cultural event that takes place in Barcelona. Linking two worlds, Mental Health and Scenic Arts, its purpose is to spread among persons with mental health issues the creativity, participation and performance involved in Performing Arts. But the spirit of L’Altre Festival doesn’t stop here. It also rests on three large pillars: Performing Arts and the creation of Companies as an effective rehabilitation and rule-making tool in the lives of persons with mental disorders; the Festival’s power as a vehicle to fight against the stigma and finally, its fruitful contribution to creating and enriching our country’s popular culture.

The first edition of L’Altre Festival took place in the Spring of 2015 at the Fabra i Coats venue in Sant Andreu (Barcelona). For four days more than twenty companies from all over the world gathered there to show and share theatre, music, dance and circus. In June 2016, l’Altre Festival twinned with the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona and landed for just one day in this outstanding facility. It was a reduced version of the Festival and served to keep the flame alight. The festival will open again from June 8th to 11th 2017 at Fabra i Coats. It’s an opportunity to strengthen this great and unique cultural project in Barcelona.