Performing arts, mental health and popular culture

L’Altre Festival is an International cultural event that takes place in Barcelona. It connects Performing Arts and Mental Health and seeks to involve, promote and exhibit Performing Arts among people with mental illness. Moreover, the Festival focuses on three specific objectives: performing arts and creation of companies as a rehabilitation tool for people with mental illnesses; the fight against the stigma associated with mental health; and contribution to the creation and enrichment of popular culture.

The first Edition of the Festival took place in the Fabra I Coats facilities in Barcelona’s Sant Andreu quartier in spring 2015. During four days we programmed more than twenty companies from around the world performing theatre, music , dance and circus. Three other editions have already taken place hosted in Fabra i Coats but also in the Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona, the Baró de Viver community center and Theatre Kursaal in Manresa. 

This year we will meet you in Rosario, Argentina (from 3rd till 7th of April) and in Barcelona (from 6th till 9th of June).

Are you going to miss it?