L'Altre comittee

We are a group of professionals with a long experience in the field of mental health, culture and performing arts with the desire to explore others ways to approach, see, live and coexist with mental health.

Manel Anoro

He is the director and the familiar doctor who attends 63 patients during a day and at the same time is able to organize l’Altre Festival. He likes to spend his afternoons with his family and with his theatre company, la Trifulga dels Fútils. info@laltrefestival.cat

Beatriz Liebe

She is the executive producer and correspondent in London. She is the superwoman able to hold 3 cell phones in one hand and organize everything. She likes to watch stars and sky in her free time from 3 till 5 am. info@laltrefestival.cat

Martina Cumova

She is in charge of communication and international relationships in l’Altre Festival. She resolves all your doubts when you need and she doesn’t have any free time right now because she has a small toddler at home. comunica@laltrefestival.cat

Thaïs Clusa

She mobilizes the masses and coordinates the voluntary team, the spirit of l’Altre Festival. In her free time she loves to dive in the sea just to not listen her 3 children discussing at home. participo@laltrefestival.cat

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