To conclude, we have programmed the show Il Tavolo della Concert(o)azione from the Italian company Stalker Teatro. It is a show performed by 10 actors from the company and 30 additional local citizens with and without mental illnesses.

Show presentation

–    Where?  MAC Hall
–     When? 21h00
–     Tickets → can be bought only for only 6€. Please click here!.

This performance (theatre & music) intends to question behavioral models that ignore the importance of the capacity of listening to “The other”, proposing an alternative not only symbolical, more sensitive to relationships between different people. This new “Consultation” model is a tool and relationship scheme based on listening to “the Other” and the development of a “Plural I” together with a “Personal I”.

In the core of this process we find the intention of overcoming individualism and emphasize things that unite people, and the search of answers to different needs such as solidarity, cooperation, friendship and exchange. A human being is made of individual and collective components, both vital for the development of a common awareness of the communitarian dimension which is the basis of our society. Beauty is not self-complacent nor narcissist, but the willingness to share harmoniously.

The “Concertation” performance presented is a critical and active reflection around these topics.