Would you like to get know a bit more about l’Altre Festival? Today we share with you some of the special moments from this year.

1. Where is the sand? 

Only 3 hours were missing from the beginning of the show “Keep on Walking, Federico” from Actors Touring Company from London in the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats when the Marc Lockyer’s team opened the first of the sand bag just to start to put in on the stage. The sand was one of the most important show’s elements. When they opened the first bag they realized that the sand was completely wet and that they couldn’t use it for the show… It was a moment of a lot of tension, nobody knew what to do… Some people called to the special construction shops, others were thinking about the meditaran beaches… Suddenly a clown (Marcel) and the director (Manel) aperread with a helmet on their head looking for a dry sand wherever in the Fabra i Coats place. And all the organization team started to look for a sand. Finally Diego and Marc Sitjà helped to dry the sand on the sun! This is the spirit of l’Altre Festival!

2. Where are the firemen? 

Did you know that the first opening idea for the festival was a fire truck? Finally we couldn’t count with it because it was broken. But the story doesn’t finish here!

The firemen came but not this year. It was in 2017 when one international company member pushed the fire button and went to have a shower in the hotel. Suddenly firemen came to his room and they found him totally naked. He didn’t listen any alarm because he was using ear plugs. So you can imagine the firemen faces and also the face of the guy that couldn’t speak any Spanish or English…

3. How did we prepare l’Altre Festival 2019?

During the last 6 months the organization team met all the Tuesdays at 21 pm to organize all the duties for the 2019 edition. The coordination between the doctor and the corresponsal in London is part of the l’Altre Festival adventure!